Spot sale era for residences

Spot sale era for residence and office projects. The residences which contractors give to subcontractors as barter provides investors the opportunity to have real estate with more affordable prices. The people who wants to have residences or offices from ongoing or ready to sell residing projects of many good brands, can have also other ways than investor companies to have a residence. The most frequent example of this issue is spot sales of subcontractor companies. Because, when some construction companies actualize their projects, instead of paying cash to their subcontractors which they purchase construction services, they prefer to give a flat or office from project as barter. Subcontractors want to convert these real estates into cash and it creates a new opportunity for investors. BECAME AN OPPORTUNITY Spot real estates are possible to be bought with a 20%-30% low prices. For example; a 2+1 flat in a good brand dwelling project is 370 thousand liras but it can be sold to 260 thousand liras in spot market. Ahmet Temeltas, CEO of Temeltas Proje converted dwelling and office sales into an entrepreneurship opportunity. Temeltas adds his portfolio the workplaces and residences which belongs to the subcontractor companies, material suppliers, and individual investors who want to sell their real estate while sales still continues in their project. Then he sells this real estates to inland and foreign investors. MARKET HAS BEEN FORMED Temeltas stated that “Some contractors makes barter agreements when they actualize their projects. Instead of paying cash to the companies they buy service and materials, they prefer to give flat, office or workplace. And then, these companies wants to convert these real estates into cash. There are also individual investors who buy real estate from these projects for investments and want to convert them into cash. We undertake sale of these flats. In a sense, we started spot era in real estate business. Foreigners prefer too. Temeltas mentioned that especially foreign investors also started to prefer spot dwellings and work places. “Foreigners buys real estates in Turkey via agencies. These agencies adds 10% commission on sale amount. Company adds this price on it list price. In spot sale, foreigners does not pay this unfair 10% difference. Also, pays at least 20% for the real estate they bought.” Opened sale office in Germany Ahmet Temeltas mentioned that they opened an office in Germany, also, they made agreement agencies which brings customers from 18 countries. Temeltas expressed “Initially we offer to the foreign investor our spot real estate portfolio. If investor cannot find what he looks for in this portfolio, then we direct him to other real estates of which their sales are ongoing. Provides a 20-30% price advantage AHMET Temeltas stated that, spot dwelling and office sale service they offered provides especially price advantage to people who wants to invest on real estate and to have residence, office, and workplace. Temeltas expressed that “Investor has opportunity to buy a real estate with a 20-30% price advantage compared to an equivalent real estate in the same project. These flats and workplaces are given as barter the time their projects are put on the sale. Therefore they are the real estate which have best betterment and side in the project. Thus, customer buys the most privileged dwelling or office in the project and has price advantage.