Temeltas Project offers consulting services to many companies in real estate business and focuses on key parts of sector and increases sales. In this context, CEO of Temeltas Proje A.S underlines that “We don’t care whether our projects are big or small. It can be a project for 5000 housing or 300… The point is quality of our service and answering needs of our customers on time and precisely.”Temeltas mentioned that they performed successful sales and main reason of this success is the dedicated team they have chosen. Ahmet Temeltas expressed they work with thousands of investor right now and mentioned “Our investors never lose. Because we never enter a non-advisable project. We carry into effect the projects which will be at a premium and our investors will make money. Premium is important Ahmet Temeltas, CEO of Temeltas Proje A.S stated that if a project is actualized using right plans and required standards in the first place, it is not possible that project go into the red. 'Tuzla gains value' "Sale concept means to create the criteria in the manner which responses the requirements of this era. For this, it is required to know well about expectations of people create proper solutions for them. In the circumstances, we became an outstanding company in sector. Our investors are foreigners. Though they do not see the property, they make their decisions by calculating its commercial aspect and based on their trust on us. So we give sale guaranty without advertisements."
Ahmet Temeltas stated that, they do not choose the locations which do not gain value for their customers. "We never recommend a location which does not gain value. Even in the cases a customer likes a project, we always mention its pros and cons. We never market the projects just to earn premium. In this regard, local feasibilities are very important. Ahmet Temeltas mentioned about featured districts in Istanbul and stated that, the locations such as Atasehir, Basin Ekspres, Kartal, Pendik and Tuzla are always profitable. They all prove that, right consultancy service always increase the value of your investment.