Ahmet Temeltas who is a Germany born Project and sales consultant in real estate business came to Turkey in 2007. In his career in Turkey, he, firstly, started to market project via Garanti Koza. Then, he established NOVA Real Estate Company. Temeltas, CEO of Temeltas Proje Gelistirme A.s. briefly mentioned about his projects and goals to Klass. How do you select the projects you will present to the investor? We enjoy to realize sales. We always make the investors earn money. Until now, there has not been any project that we failed to make the investors earn money. First of all, we pay attention the location of the project. We examine speed of becoming at a premium of a location, whether it is in a developing locations or not, in short, we examine all location and project and we present it to our customers in inner peace. We can direct the investor to the right way with our researches. Actually, our real work begins after investor purchased. We proceed together with investor until it sells the project or dispose of it. We can say, we are Robin Hood of the Customer. What kind of working system do you have in Real Estate sector? We have almost one million investor and customers and almost 200 people working in real estate offices that depend on us. We also have a 50-person call center team. “WE STARTED TO MAKE 20-25 SALES TO FOREIGN INVESTORS PER MONTH.” How do you direct the foreign investors to Turkey? Due to we are Europe based, we work with several agencies. Firstly, we explain Istanbul and its location to investors. We have offices in 2 location in Germany. It is very important for us foreign investors became very familiar to Turkey. After foreign investors came, Turkey started to make import. Turkey, until today, could not enter to the sectors of vehicle or machinery but, Turkey sells construction. We started to make 20-25 sales to foreign investors per month and we spent a very good 2013. Where are the profit promising locations in Istanbul? Atasehir, in Turkey is a very outstanding location. Also, Basin Ekspres, Isparta Kule, Kartal, Esenyurt, Arnavutköy (land and estate investments) locations are very advantageous for investment. What are the most important things that investors should pay attention? There are need to serious penalty clauses for date of delivery. Previous projects of construction companies should be checked up. The difference between net and gross should be paid attention. Net square meters should be definitely written to agreements. Agreements should be entered in Public Notaries. Which projects’ sale and marketing are you dealing with at the moment? SarphanFinanspark at the heart of Atasehir Finance Center, Future Park (Esenyurt), Day Light Residences (Hadimköy). Sale and marketing of these projects belong us. Also, we are exclusive agent for second hand sale in GarantiKoza.